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Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training

Scarlet Spark provides individualized consulting, coaching, and training to organizations that help animals, including advocacies and companies that create animal product alternatives.


We offer a few different options, depending on the organization’s specific needs.

Training and Workshops

Scarlet Spark offers hands-on, skill-based workshops to help improve organizational results. These workshops can target specific skills (such as feedback, prioritization, or strategic thinking), or they can address systems-level issues (such as internal communications, performance assessment, or hiring practices). 

Best for: Animal advocacy organizations looking to efficiently help skill up employees or learn best practices for internal systems.

Short-term Engagements

For organizations looking to develop in a specific area or troubleshoot a problem, Scarlet Spark can offer a short-term consulting engagement. Our offerings will be tailored to your specific needs, but may involve a combination of trainings, meetings with leadership, feedback on internal systems, and/or coaching sessions.


Short-term consulting engagements usually last for two months or less.

Best for: Organizations that have diagnosed a specific issue and want help making changes, or want to grow in a specific area.

Long-term Engagements

Sometimes organizations have several issues to be solved, or are looking to develop multiple systems at once. Sometimes, something isn’t working and they’re having a difficult time diagnosing the problem. And sometimes, they just want help making big, systemic changes to their organizational culture. For these organizations, Scarlet Spark offers longer-term consulting engagements tailored to your organization’s needs, which may involve conducting surveys, executive coaching, office hours for employees, feedback on internal systems, and/or a series of training workshops.


Long-term engagements usually run six months and involve regular meetings with Scarlet Spark consultants.


Best for: Organizations who want to make significant changes to their internal systems and culture.

Want to spark your team’s full potential? Contact us to explore how we can help!

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