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Why We Help.

There are more organizations than ever doing the incredibly important work of protecting animals: from working to end factory farming to creating viable alternatives to animal products to protecting natural ecosystems.


Achieving these ambitious, systemic changes to protect animals and our planet requires impactful, resilient organizations that make people want to join the movement for the long haul and develop the capacity to achieve lasting results.

Many leaders don't have the resources or experience to build effective systems. And they often get too caught up in the day-to-day logistics and challenges of running an organization, which takes time away from the missions that fire up people’s passion for their work.

All too often, organizations lose vital time, money, and energy to:

  • Miscommunication and misalignment

  • Interpersonal conflict

  • Critical employee skill gaps

  • Unaddressed underperformance

  • Lack of diversity and inclusion

  • Low psychological safety

  • Difficulty hiring and onboarding

  • Low employee engagement and high turnover

Scarlet Spark exists to help advocates build successful organizations and human-friendly workplaces that improve org performance in the short-term and improve the reputation and strength of the entire movement in the long-term. 


Drawing on our expertise in organizational psychology, leadership, and education, and our experience advising hundreds of companies worldwide, the Scarlet Spark team builds animal-loving companies’ capacity to achieve their missions and change the world even faster.

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