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Creating human-friendly workplaces to spark the full potential of organizations that help animals.

Scarlet Spark is a nonprofit that provides free leadership development and organizational support to animal protection organizations.


We help you:

  • Set, refine, and communicate your strategy so you can achieve bigger things

  • Create a joyful, inclusive workplace where your team can thrive doing their best work

  • Improve clarity, communication, and collaboration so that you can do more for animals with less effort

By helping your organization become high-impact, we will ignite the power and endurance of the entire movement.

Client Feedback

"The People Skills for Animal People Leadership program taught me to see my role in the organisation primarily as a multiplier for the impact of my team, and to focus on developing the core foundational skills of leadership (Question, Clarity, Outward, and Inward), along with many practical tools to use!."

Aaron Boddy,
Chief Impact Officer
Shrimp Welfare Project

“Scarlet Spark training really brought us together around a shared set of norms. The sessions were incredibly clear and well-presented, and everyone seemed to both learn something new and have a good time!”

Mal Graham,
Strategy Director
Wild Animal Initiative

"I've read a couple of books about strategy, and I can honestly say I've learnt more in one call with the Scarlet Spark team than I did in all the books, which makes this service extremely cost-effective."

Sofia Balderson,


Working with Incredible Animal-Loving Organizations

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