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Creating human-friendly workplaces to spark the full potential of organizations that help animals.

Scarlet Spark is a nonprofit that provides free leadership development and organizational support to animal protection organizations.


We help you:

  • Set, refine, and communicate your strategy so you can achieve bigger things

  • Create a joyful, inclusive workplace where your team can thrive doing their best work

  • Improve clarity, communication, and collaboration so that you can do more for animals with less effort

By helping your organization become high-impact, we will ignite the power and endurance of the entire movement.

Client Feedback

"The advice is practical and they spend quite a bit of time with us to improve our systems and processes. We have already implemented some of the suggestions they have made and it made a massive difference to our staff and our culture."

Cortney Busch,
Chief Operating Officer
Material Innovation Initiative

“Scarlet Spark training really brought us together around a shared set of norms. The sessions were incredibly clear and well-presented, and everyone seemed to both learn something new and have a good time!”

Mal Graham,
Strategy Director
Wild Animal Initiative

"I've read a couple of books about strategy, and I can honestly say I've learnt more in one call with the Scarlet Spark team than I did in all the books, which makes this service extremely cost-effective."

Sofia Balderson,
Head of Programs

Animal Advocacy Careers

Working with Incredible Animal-Loving Organizations

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