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Creating human-friendly workplaces to spark the full potential of organizations that help animals.

Scarlet Spark is a nonprofit that provides free leadership and organizational consulting, coaching, and training to accelerate the speed-to-mission of organizations that help animals.


We improve employee and volunteer:

  • Recruitment

  • Retention

  • Engagement

  • Inclusion

  • Results

Our goal is to create more sustainable and impactful organizations within the animal protection movement. We help build workplaces that lead all animals to flourish, humans included.

Client Feedback

"The advice is practical and they spend quite a bit of time with us to improve our systems and processes. We have already implemented some of the suggestions they have made and it made a massive difference to our staff and our culture."

Cortney Busch,
Chief Operating Officer
Material Innovation Initiative

“Scarlet Spark training really brought us together around a shared set of norms. The sessions were incredibly clear and well-presented, and everyone seemed to both learn something new and have a good time!”

Mal Graham,
Strategy Director
Wild Animal Initiative

"I've read a couple of books about strategy, and I can honestly say I've learnt more in one call with the Scarlet Spark team than I did in all the books, which makes this service extremely cost-effective."

Sofia Balderson,
Head of Programs

Animal Advocacy Careers

Working with Incredible Animal-Loving Organizations

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