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Our Vision.

A world without systems that perpetuate animal suffering and a culture of love for all living beings.

Our Work.

Animal advocacy, animal rescue, and animal product alternative companies are already doing amazing work to make life better for trillions of individuals. We serve as the spark that accelerates their results so they can realize their full potential and achieve their missions faster and more sustainably.


We tend to the people side of the animal protection movement by improving people's capacity and flourishing within organizations that help animals. 


Through consulting, coaching, training, and community-building, we help animal-loving organizations improve their recruitment, retention, engagement, inclusion, and impact by building human-friendly workplaces they can be proud of.

Our Story.

Scarlet was our co-founders' (Tania and Brian Luna’s) first dog. They named her Scarlet because she was covered in scars. Though she had every reason not to trust humans, she saw only the best in everyone she met. Her love and joy were so infectious to anyone who crossed her path that she sparked community in the seemingly apathetic New York City.


Even after Scarlet died, the love she taught the Lunas inspired them to turn their home into a micro-sanctuary for animals in need. In this way, they met Alyssa and her pup Franklin. Together, they’d walk through the streets of New York City, inviting strangers to join the pack and become unlikely friends.

The Lunas started a nonprofit to spread that ‘Scarlet spark’ through the world. Alyssa and Sharleen joined to carry the spark far and wide:

  • To let it end the suffering of animals so that their scars can become stories of love rather than pain.

  • To expand people’s capacity to love and unearth an aspect of themselves they never knew they had.

  • To let it bring people together in community with animals and each other.

Together, we honor Scarlet’s legacy by helping unleash the power of organizations that make life better for animals.


(Scarlet sparking joy with Tania!)

Our Values.

Below are the principles that guide all our decision-making.


🎯 Make a Meaningful Impact: we examine our results, experiment with new solutions, and keep up to date about our ecosystem to make real, relevant, and lasting change.

🌱 Foster Abundance: we believe there’s space for everyone, that the pie grows when we share it, that trust breeds trustworthiness, and that all animals are worthy of love — humans included.

🌍 Cultivate Diversity: we bring together different people and perspectives and hold space for complexity to spark ideas, empathy, opportunity, and delight in learning from each other.

👓 Commit to Clarity: we go out of our way to achieve alignment, share context, exchange feedback, and make the implicit explicit so we can work together smoothly, swiftly, and joyfully.

🔥 Share Power: we build capacity in ourselves and others, give and take responsibility, and build things together so our results and our collaborators grow stronger.

🍵 Drink From the Cup of Joy: we dwell on the good things (while honoring all emotions), delight in our work, and take great care of the animals that we are.

Our Team.

The Scarlet Spark team is made up of animal-loving humans with expertise in psychology, academia, and business. 

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