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People Skills for Animal People: Course Policies 

We are incredibly excited to support you and your organization, learn from you, and create a space for leaders in animal protection to learn from each other. 

To make sure everyone gets the most out of this experience, we ask that you agree to the following course policies. 


Participants may miss up to one workshop per track.

For example, if you are enrolled in the Skills track and the Systems track, you may miss one workshop per series. If you miss any further classes, we will give your seat to someone on the waiting list.


Why? We have many people on our waiting list and want to give them a seat if admitted participants are unable to attend. This way, as many people in the animal protection space can benefit as possible!


What happens if you need to miss a class?

We understand that life and other commitments happen. If you need to miss a workshop for any reason, please let us know at least one week (seven days) in advance so we can admit people from the waitlist by emailing


No need to give a reason or feel badly about it! We simply want to be able to pass on the seat to someone who can use it. 

Code of Conduct

To create a space where learning, play, and positive risk-taking are possible, we need to cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment together. We ask all participants to approach one another respectfully and in good faith.


Let’s co-create a learning environment free from discrimination and harassment based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, sex and gender identity, orientation, ability, body size, political affiliation, socioeconomic status, education, profession, or any other identity. Participants who engage in harassment will lose their spot in the workshop.


Harassment includes any unwelcome verbal, visual, or written conduct that degrades or shows hostility toward an individual or group, especially because of their membership in a particular group.

We can’t learn if we don’t feel safe. If you experience harassment, please contact the Scarlet Spark team immediately:

Active Participation

People Skills for Animal Skills is a workshop series — this means each session will be highly interactive, involving group discussions, breakout rooms, and exercises.


We strongly encourage participants to keep their cameras on throughout the workshop.


If you cannot fully participate in discussions or breakout sessions, we ask that you do not attend. This includes Zooming while driving or similar activities — if everyone is worried about your safety, it won’t be a good experience (plus we really, really want you to be safe).


Our goal is for participants to be able to discuss their challenges and share freely. To make this kind of open space possible, all participants must agree to keep one another’s examples, challenges, and organizational information confidential, and refrain from recording or using AI transcription.


While we’re happy for you to share principles and tools you learn in workshops, it is important that we not share things participants say (unless you have their express permission to do so).


We don’t love setting or tracking rules, so we’ve tried to keep this list short and reasonable. If you accept our invitation into the leadership program, we will assume you agree with us and are willing and able to meet these expectations. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!


We can’t wait to see you in class!

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