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Leadership Office Hours Are Open!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Build a great workplace for people. Save more animals.

Silly goats coming out of the elevator into the office.

Beginning January 2023, we’re launching free virtual office hours, open to all leaders in the animal protection movement.

What is it?

Leaders of all levels are welcome in our cozy Zoom office. Bring your most pressing leadership questions, and get real-time input from Scarlet Spark advisors and your peers at other animal-loving companies. You’ll leave with greater clarity, confidence, and new relationships within the community.

Sample questions:

  • How do I handle this difficult conversation?

  • Can you give me feedback on my company-wide announcement?

  • What do I do about an employee who’s been underperforming?

  • How do we design an inclusive and accessible hiring process?

  • Why is my team constantly miscommunicating?

Who’s it for?

Office hours are open to all individuals with leadership responsibilities at animal charities and companies that provide alternatives to animal products.

When is it?

Our first two office hours are on:

  • Tuesday, January 24th: 18:00 GMT (1pm - 2pm ET)

  • Thursday, February 9th: 13:00 GMT (8am - 9am ET)

More sessions to come, so stay tuned!

Who is behind the program?

Scarlet Spark is a nonprofit dedicated to the people side of the animal movement. We help build workplaces that lead all animals to flourish, humans included. Our advisors draw their insights from research in organizational psychology and their experience advising hundreds of companies and teaching thousands of adults. (You can check out our co-founder’s best-selling book on leadership skills here.) Our mission is to make it easier for you to reach yours.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for our office hours by filling out the form here or clicking the button below. Indicate which session you would prefer to attend. Come to one or come to both! Feel free to enter specific questions or challenges that you'd like us to discuss and we'll be sure to prioritize them during the call.

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