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Introducing: People Skills for Animal People 2023

Updated: Jun 2

Build a great workplace for people. Save more animals.

Goats enjoying their flowery meal.

Are you a leader at an organization dedicated to helping animals? Starting on June 22, 2023 at 17:00 - 19:00 GMT (12pm - 2pm ET), Scarlet Spark is launching People Skills for Animal People: a new leadership program that amplifies your ability to save more animals by creating a great workplace for humans.

How will it help?

The program is designed to make an impact on multiple levels:

  • Short-term results: more confidence in your leadership skills, an easier (and more enjoyable) time getting results, improved employee performance, engagement, alignment, and productivity

  • Long-term results: a more sustainable, scalable, and impactful organization, along with healthy leadership habits within the animal welfare and protection movement

What is it?

People Skills for Animal People consists of hands-on workshops and virtual office hours:

  • Workshops: A biweekly series of 2-hour, live, virtual workshops from 17:00 - 19:00 GMT (12pm - 2pm ET) that will follow 2 tracks:


Track A: Leadership Skills


Track B: Org System Skills

Jun 22

1. Leadership Skill Essentials



July 6

2. Strategic Thinking & Planning Skills

July 20

1. Strategic Planning Systems

Aug 3

3. Prioritization & Time Effectiveness

Aug 17

2. Goal-Setting & Tracking Systems

Sept 7

4. Coaching & Development Skills

Sept 21

3. Employee Development Systems