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The Two Questions That Brought Scarlet Spark to Life

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Thinking dog on a human body wearing glasses and holding an iPad.

Before our nonprofit even had a name, it had a guiding question: “How can we do the most good for animals?”

We pondered. We debated. We explored. We nursed our existential angst. We made and remade spreadsheets. And then (thankfully) we took a break from looking within and looked outside ourselves to see what others were doing. We quickly learned that just about all the interventions we came up with already existed and were already saving trillions of lives around the world.

This awe-inspiring realization brought about our next guiding question: “How can we amplify the power of the organizations that already exist to help animals?”

And that’s how Scarlet Spark was born.

We realized that we didn’t have to find a new way to help animals. We had to help the people who were already helping them. So, we decided to apply our expertise in social and organizational psychology, workplace design, leadership, and education to accelerate the speed-to-mission of animal-loving groups: advocacies, rescues, and companies that offer alternatives to animal products. These organizations are already burning bright. Our job is to be the spark that makes their flame burn even brighter and steadier.

So how do we help? We tend to the often under-resourced people side of the animal protection movement. We provide consulting and skill-building to improve organizational recruitment, retention, engagement, inclusion, leadership, culture, and employee effectiveness. In short, we exist to help build workplaces that lead all animals to flourish, humans included.

Now the question we’re asking ourselves is: “Who will we get to work with next?”

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