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Help Scarlet Spark Make Leadership Training Accessible to the Entire Animal Protection Movement

In 2023, Scarlet Spark launched People Skills for Animal People (PSAP), a series of eleven workshops dedicated to leadership skills and organizational systems design. This Giving Tuesday, we are launching a project fundraiser to make our workshops accessible to everyone.

Why People Skills for Animal People?

At Scarlet Spark, our job is to help animal-loving organizations become better places to work. Earlier this year, we surveyed leaders from 60 organizations to find out where the movement’s greatest needs and skill gaps were.

After analyzing the results, we created People Skills for Animal People (PSAP). Track A (6 workshops) addresses individual leadership skills, including giving feedback, coaching, strategic thinking, and prioritization. Track B (5 workshops) focuses on helping leaders create and implement effective, equitable, and transparent organizational systems, including strategic planning, goal setting, performance assessment, and hiring. These workshops are conducted via Zoom.

We decided to open up 30 spots for the 2023 workshop series. We were delighted to receive over 100 applications! Additionally, we regularly receive requests from organizations asking us to run these workshops for their teams.

While we plan to run the workshops live again with a smaller cohort, we want to create a version of PSAP that anyone can run at their own organization, whenever they want—free of charge.

How Will Scarlet Spark Make the Series Accessible to Everyone?

In 2024, we’re planning to create a recorded version of People Skills for Animal People that can be run live by animal protection organizations. Your team will watch the videos, hit pause, and then do exercises and discussions together. The series comes with workbooks, as well as new materials to help you facilitate the workshop for your team.

This way, your team can run a workshop at your own pace, anytime you want!

Why Make a Recorded Series?

While we are planning to run synchronous versions of the series in 2024, we know that it’s hard to make time for repeated commitments. We also want the series to be accessible to everyone, no matter what time zone they’re in.

What Will Recording the Series Cost?

The market value of this program is $2,750 per participant. Most animal protection organizations operate on tight budgets and can’t afford this kind of training. We want to make this program freely available to any animal protection organization of any size, free of charge.

We’re estimating that we can record, edit, and host the entire series for $12,500. This includes:

  • Recording all 11 workshops

  • Hiring a video editor to create an engaging learning experience

  • Creating a Facilitator’s Guide to accompany each workshop

  • Hosting the course on a learning management platform, where it can be freely accessible to everyone in the animal protection community

We invite you to help make People Skills for Animal People available to everyone. With your help, Scarlet Spark can reach this goal and continue our mission to make it easier for your organization to help more animals.

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