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Sample Proposal Template

Foster a culture of innovation and idea generation that spans across all levels of your organization. This tool can help your team propose their ideas in a strategic and effective way.

Sample Proposal Template

Organizational Focus Template

Equip your team with a concise "cheat sheet" to help them take strategic action based on the organization's purpose and plan of action.

Organizational Focus Template.png

One-on-one Agenda Template

This agenda template can help you maximize your one-on-ones for greater impact and engagement.

One-on-one Agenda Template.png

Listening Tour Template

Lead change confidently and effectively with a listening tour. Studies show that when employees and stakeholders feel heard, they are more likely not to just accept change but feel part of it (Workforce Institute, 2021).

Listening Tour Cover-min.png

Deliberate Development Plan

Empower your team by co-creating a development plan with each person you coach. Encourage regular updates to track progress and achieve learning goals with this personal development tool.

Deliberate Development Plan (2).png

Role Description Template & Tips

Enhance performance, reduce confusion, and provide purpose and security at work with clear role descriptions.

Role Description Template & Tips Cover image

This playbook will help you think through your company's guiding principles, which can inform strategy going forward.

Mission Playbook
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