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Onboarding Resources

Improve employee retention, satisfaction, and performance by implementing a strong onboarding process from the moment they are hired.

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Say Goodbye with Empathy: Employee Termination Tips

Letting employees go is difficult, but sometimes necessary. Here's a guide to make it easier to say goodbye with care and empathy.

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Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Checklist

Workplace diversity drives innovation, improves decision-making, and makes it easier to hire more amazing people. Identify the organizational systems and practices you can strengthen, change, or create to build a stronger organization. 

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Three Ways Leaders Successfully Solicit Staff Feedback

Want more feedback to improve the workplace and help your organization achieve better results for animals? Here are three things you can do to successfully solicit feedback. 

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How to Design an Engagement Survey

Learn how to design and administer an engagement survey to assess your team's productivity, performance, and job satisfaction with this tool.

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Listening Tour Template

Lead change confidently and effectively with a listening tour. Studies show that when employees and stakeholders feel heard, they are more likely not to just accept change but feel part of it (Workforce Institute, 2021).

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Mission, Vision, and Values Playbook

This playbook will help you think through your company's guiding principles, which can inform strategy going forward.

Mission Playbook

Role Description Template & Tips

Enhance performance, reduce confusion, and provide purpose and security at work with clear role descriptions.

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One-on-one Agenda Template

This agenda template can help you maximize your one-on-ones for greater impact and engagement.

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Power-with Assessment

Start your shared power journey with this Power-With Assessment to gather your team's perspectives to identify the best opportunities to grow and distribute power.

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Working Well Across Time Zones

The animal protection movement is international because animals are everywhere. Check out these 10 tips to work well with your team across different time zones.

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Four Ways to Make it Safer for Staff to Share Feedback & Concerns

A healthy feedback culture encourages people to learn, improve, and innovate faster. Learn how to make it safe for staff to share feedback and concerns to foster a healthier feedback culture.

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Employee Engagement Interventions

Learn what to do after reviewing the results of your employee engagement survey. Here is a list of high-impact interventions that can benefit your organization.

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Sample Proposal Template

Foster a culture of innovation and idea generation that spans across all levels of your organization. This tool can help your team propose their ideas in a strategic and effective way.

Sample Proposal Template

Organizational Focus Template

Equip your team with a concise "cheat sheet" to help them take strategic action based on the organization's purpose and plan of action.

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Sample Leader & Manager Hiring Process

Hire people who can drive your organization forward and create a great workplace with a solid leader and manager hiring process.

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Deliberate Development Plan

Empower your team by co-creating a development plan with each person you coach. Encourage regular updates to track progress and achieve learning goals with this personal development tool.

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