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Employee Engagement Interventions

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Workplace engagement – an eager willingness to dedicate energy toward an organization’s goals – drives performance, tenure, and overall org health. Employee engagement also has the benefit of being relatively easy to measure in time to prevent major problems with productivity, turnover, and employer reputation. High engagement benefits individuals, animal protection nonprofits, and the entire movement.

But while many leaders measure employee engagement, they’re not always sure what actions they should take based on their survey results.

In this checklist, we’ve compiled a list of the highest impact employee engagement interventions that can benefit your organization.

To select the interventions that will be most helpful for your employees, involve them in the decision-making process. For example:

  • Share a summary of the survey results with all employees along with the list of engagement interventions.

  • Invite people to share their reactions, insights, and ideas.

  • Ask if anyone would like to volunteer to give input, participate in, or even lead one of the interventions.

  • Focus on no more than two or three interventions per quarter.

  • Follow up with the entire organization once the interventions have been implemented or are underway to gather input and assess the interventions’ impact.

  • Be sure to celebrate progress together with the individuals co-creating your workplace!

For additional support understanding or implementing the practices included in this list, reach out to us at

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